We are proud to offer a wide selection of contact lenses to suit most any patient's vision care needs.  Our doctors are experienced in fitting a wide variety of contact lenses including keratoconic, multifocal, astigmatic, and other hard-to-fit contact lenses. 

Whether or not you have considered contact lenses in the past, now will be a great time to have our doctors and staff review what options are available specifically for you.

For more information regarding Contact Lenses; please direct your questions to: optical@cnyeyecare.com or call our office at (315)-432-0555.

Online Contact Lens Ordering Now Available!

You can now order your replacement contact lenses through our convenient and secure Website.  Your order will be shipped directly to your home, saving you a trip to our office!  Current patients will be automatically enrolled in online ordering at their annual contact lens exam.  If you wish to enroll now in online ordering, please call our office (315)432-0555 for your username and password. 

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The successful fitting of contact lenses today is dependent on many factors. The patient must be motivated and responsible enough to wear the lenses through an adaptation period, as well as to take the necessary time to learn and follow through with proper lens care. The doctor must have the expertise and knowledge to select the appropriate lenses for a particular patient's needs and desires. New developments in the contact lens industry have enabled us to carry different lens types to fit all types of prescriptions.

Because of the wide variance in contact lens services and prices, we would like to explain our fitting procedure and fee policies. We have broken this does into four components: Diagnostic visit, Dispensing visit, Follow-up visits, Contact lens Materials.


A thorough vision examination and discussion about contact lenses will precede your contact lens diagnostic exam. Corneal Keratometry will be performed to determine the shape of your eye. This is a complex and important proces that enables the doctor to determine the type, size, and other specifications of the contact lenses to be ordered.


The dispensing visit will teach you the handling, insertion, removal and care techinques crucial for successful contact lens wear. We will also provide you with a starter/disinfection kit and a lens case.


During the first few weeks and months of contact lens wear, the doctor will monitor the lens performance and your progress. This is a most crucial step if you are a first-time wearer. Even though your lenses may be comfortable and your vision good, there are times when small changes occur and refinements must be made in the lens fit. This is evaluated during the follow-up appointments. Adjustments or new lenses are provided at no additional cost.


Payment for all professional services is required at the time of the initial diagnostic fitting visit. Only after you have been successfully fit with a complimentary trial pair of contact lenses will an order for the contact lenses be placed. Payment for contact lenses is required at the time of order of the contact lens supply. This will prevent the unnecessary need for returns and refunds. Professional services are not refundable. We accept cash, check, Mastercard, and VISA.


The office hours are generally 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. A doctor is on call 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays, to handle eye emergencies.