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Dr Weisenthal offering Blade-Free LASIK surgery

By: CNY Eye Care
From: CNY Eye Care
Posted: April 17th 2008
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We are proud to offer the most recent advance in laser surgery "All-Laser LASIK". The Intralase LASIK method is a 100% blade-free approach to creating a corneal flap during LASIK surgery.

Traditionally, Dr. Weisenthal used a mechanical microkeratome for the creation of the corneal flap with excellent results. While that has always been the 'gold standard,' there is always a rare chance that the flap is not made perfectly, which would cause your surgery to be cancelled and rescheduled in the future when the eye has healed. The Intralase minimizes flap complications during surgery because it does not use a blade.

The other advantage of using the Intralase method for LASIK is that Dr. Weisenthal can be very precise in how thick the corneal flap is which in turn maximizes the amount of tissue untouched after surgery. The untouched tissue is how the cornea remains stable over time. This allows some patients who did not qualify for LASIK in the past due to thinner corneas, to now be able to safely have LASIK surgery.

If you would like more information, please refer to our patient education section. If you are interested in learning more about Intralase LASIK, or if you are a patient that did not qualify for LASIK in the past due to thin corneas, please contact our refractive surgery coordinator for more information.