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By: CNY Eye Care
From: CNY Eye Care
Posted: April 17th 2008

Dr. Weisenthal has introduced a new surgery to Central New York to treat patients with Keratoconus. The purpose of this procedure is to flatten out the cone-like shape in the patient's cornea enabling them to achieve clearer vision wearing glasses or be able to comfortably wear contact lenses again.  He is using this surgery for patients that are unable to tolerate their contact lenses, and whose only option left is a corneal transplant.  INTACS has added a new, less invasive option for some of these patients. 

Dr Weisenthal has been successfully using the INTACS technology since July 2005 in patients with moderate keratoconus changes in the cornea.  If you are interested in learing more about keratoconus or the specifics of INTACS please refer to the patient education section of our website.