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Dr. Belkowitz to continue seeing patients with a reduced schedule.

By: CNY Eye Care
From: CNY Eye Care
Posted: January 1st 2008

Some may have noticed that Dr. Martin Belkowitz has reduced his schedule and available appointments. The reason is, after 30 years of practicing Ophthalmology, he is spending more personal time with his family. This is not a complete retirement, Dr. Belkowitz is more than happy to continue care of his many patients for years to come.

"Now that I am practicing medicine less than full-time, I feel rejuvenated. I look forward to providing medical care for my patients for many years into the future, and keep up-to-date with their family news. When I'm not in the office, I have the opportunity to pursue many of the things I enjoy, such as volunteering as a Hospice caregiver, continuing my medical education, reading and traveling. One of the best things with this new schedule is that I can share lots of time with my wife, our children, and grandchildren. I wouldn't change this for the world and look forward to caring for my patients for many more years."